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Our Mission
Our mission is to help the European men to look better and feel better. We only sell products in which we believe, our product range consists of high-quality material, therefore we are more than happy to guarantee for our quality.

Shapewear for Men is the first and biggest online shop selling exclusively shapewear for men in Europe. We started our first webshop early 2010 in Holland with only one brand: Equmen. Almost immediately, we got the attention of all the big media in the Netherlands, for example the 'Telegraaf'. The demand for our products grew unexpectedly hard and we decided to expand our product range. in 2011, we sell body-shaping underwear for men from the internationally well-known brands Knap'man, Equmen, Spanx, Sculptees and Scala, but we keep looking for trends and new shapewear-solutions.

Shapewear for Men provides high-technology body-shaping shirts and shorts to help the men looking better. Our high-performance clothes are made to support the body perfectly and to provide energy during high-intensity activities.
After the succesful introduction in the Netherlands, we decided at the end of 2010 to expand our market. We first started in Germany and Belgium, the rest of the European countries followed soon.                                              

Our clients appreciate the tightening effect of our products, but also the support for their backs. Many doctors, nurses, sporters and other professions who stand a lot or force their body to enormous efforts are regular clients.

Shapewear Europe B.V.
Oosterweg 1
1619 AC Andijk
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)228-593359

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