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Some of our customers wear Shapewear while training or playing sports. Shapewear shirts and shorts support the muscles around the spine and help to improve posture.

When participatin in sports, correct posture is a key element in achieving the best possible results.

Underneath, you can read some testimonials from the sports world:

"Shapewear works well for me on my racing bike. I race approximately 200 kilometres a week on average.  After an accident in which I broke my elbow, I couldn’t ride my bike for 1 year.
I had gained quite a bit of weight during that year, and once I started riding again my belly got in the way every time I got on my bike. 
Then I discovered Shapewear. It had a slimming effect on my belly so that it didn’t get in the way as much, which made bike racing much more pleasant. Especially the new Knap’man Shapewear shirt is a real godsend for cyclists. It regulates moisture, keeps your skin cool and never smells bad thanks to the integrated silver ions!"

Golf is all about stability from your core. If I were to name a few key words that helped me play with a 7 handicap, they would be: confidence, flexibility, and a naturally uncomplicated swing.
Since I started wearing Knapman, not only has my swing improved, I have also been able to score more consistently. I have more faith in my natural swing path, which I can easily perform without having to exert effort or control. The bands on the back ensure a perfect back swing. It’s as if the material winds my body up like a rubber band. As I return with the downswing, I can feel that my body is more stable. The impact is more accurate.
As I play through 18 holes I notice that Knapman shirts give me a lot of support in my back. The shirt ensures that my back isn’t exposed during my swing. I walk more upright and even my putting skills have improved thanks to the stability in my lower back. I clearly feel that the shirt’s fabric “breathes” and that it feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I cannot imagine playing golf without wearing a Knapman shirt anymore.
I know it sounds contradictory, but I am not as tired, yet my scores have improved.

"Shapewear is the ideal undershirt for me when I run on the beach. I train all year round on the beach, even in the rain or in stormy weather. Knap’man Shapewear keeps my muscles and kidneys warm and dry, even during intensive training. The compression zones also improve my posture. I walk in a more upright position and I can breathe much better while running.
Even if it is icy cold, my muscles stay warm and my skin and shirt are still dry when I finish running.


World champion boxer (heavyweight) David Haye wears Shapewear when training for championship matches. “Shapewear stabilises my torso and reduces the risk of an injury. The Knap'man Shapewear shirt supports my body while training, which is particularly important to me when training for championship matches to keep the risk of an injury to a minimum.”

Horseback riding:
"I have been wearing Knap’man Shapewear for a number of months now while horseback riding, both for dressage and jumping. I originally bought the shirts to keep my muscles and lower back warm, since it can get very cold in the outdoor paddock during the autumn and winter. Knap’man even helps me to sit more upright on the horse, which allows me to communicate better with my horse to achieve better results.
Shapewear is simply ideal in cold weather. Horseback riders are usually outside in the cold and they generally wear thick clothing in the winter. Once they are finished, their clothes don’t dry and the whole body gets cold. Shapewear directs moisture away from the body right away. Even if I have had a very intensive ride, I am dry and warm when I get off my horse." © 2024    |   General terms and conditions    |   Disclaimer    |   Privacy statement    |   +31 (0)228-593359    |   E-mail